4.0 Storage offers storage year-round! Please contact us for pick-ups during our off-season, as well as inquiring about packing supplies.


Use our online scheduler below to register for delivery. Our free delivery days are as follows:

UR: August 24 – 29
RIT: August 24 – 27
NAZ, MCC, SJFC: September 5 – 7

Any other day will incur a $25 delivery fee.
Delivery times outside of the free days are limited, but accommodations can be made in some circumstances.
If a desired time appears blocked out, please email us to let us know. Deliveries will be scheduled manually.

If you were eligible for the Roommate Discount, please make sure that you and your roommate both sign up for the same delivery time. As part of the discount, only one delivery will be made with both lots.

Anything not meant to stay in storage past August 31st will be charged 25% more per additional month, starting September 1st.

If you have any questions, please let us know! We look forward to seeing you soon.