How does it work?

It’s very simple! Just schedule your pick-up or delivery here.
While scheduling for your pick-up, you can request boxes and tape to be delivered to you during your school’s Reading Period.


On pick-up day, we ask that you are ready outside at the curb of your residence hall 10 min prior to the designated time. Have your things brought down for us (properly packed). OR, you can request Room Service for $30 and we will bring your things down instead!


Once everything is loaded, we assess your items on our inventory sheet and send you a receipt electronically. We accept cash, checks, or credit cards. Please note that customers paying with credit cards pay an additional 3.5% convenience fee.


Once you sign us off, we bring your things to our warehouse and store them. If requested, we can email pictures of your things, so you know they’ve made it safely and will be secure while you’re away. Look for these pictures a few days after your pickup date.


We will contact you regarding delivery details about three weeks prior to your move-in time. We then deliver back to you, review your inventory sheet, and wish you well for the school year. That’s it!

* If it is raining, bring your things to the first floor lobby of your residence hall. We have a reputation for punctuality! Please be on time as we run a tight schedule to ensure we have enough time to work with all of our customers.

U of R student storage

How much will storage cost me?

We are a “pay per item stored” storage business. The prices for everything we store are listed on our rates page. Prices are valid for a summer or semester.

Though the prices on our sheet are for the most part flat rates, be aware that they are subject to our discretion based on factors such as weight.

If you will need storage for both the summer and during the fall or spring semester (i.e., storing with us for roughly 8 months instead of about 4), we double the rates for everything stored with us.

On average, customers save 45 – 50% compared to the big chain companies while storing with us. Even compared to local storage options, we are still the most affordable by at least 20%.

If offered a lower rate than ours, we will price match and beat it by 10%, guaranteed!

Is there a pickup/delivery fee?

We have designated free pickup and delivery days for our summer season only. There is a $30 fee for pickup dates and delivery dates other than the announced free dates. Those free dates coincide with the vast majority of student moving.

How do I pay?

Payment is expected at time of pickup. We accept cash, checks, or credit cards. Please note that customers paying with credit cards incur an additional 3.5% convenience fee.

U of R student storage
U of R student storage

Where is all my stuff going to be stored while I’m gone?

Your belongings are stored in a secure warehouse only accessible by our staff. The warehouse is climate controlled; the temperature is about 65 degrees Fahrenheit and has a humidity of about 55% year round. Cameras and security officers are active 24/7.

Can I pick up my stuff from the warehouse?

In order to ensure our customers’ possessions’ security, we do not allow any of our clients on the premises.

Are there any discounts?

We offer several discounts for our customers. We are offering 10% off for every new client you refer to us. Our Facebook page periodically offers exclusive discounts for our followers. We also have discounts specific to the schools we service. Lastly, we have a special discount for roommates only – refer to the question on group rates.

How does the referral process work?

When registering for your pickup, provide your friend’s name when asked. When they register for their pickup, they just need to provide your name when asked. Discounts are honored at the time of pickup. Keep up the referrals and tell your friends about us; discounts stack!

U of R student storage
U of R student storage

Do you offer group rates?

We offer a special discount for roommates. If you and your roommate will be living together in the fall, you are eligible for our 10% off Roommate Discount. Provide your roommate’s information when registering, and then have him/her register for a pick-up for the same date and time, also providing your information when prompted. You and your roommates must label all of your things with the letters “RD,” in addition to your own name. Be aware that we will pick up and deliver to one location only.

This discount cannot be used in conjunction with the referral program, unless the referred customer in question is not your roommate.

What if I don’t know where I’m living or when I’ll be returning?

If you used us for summer storage, an email will be sent out in early August inquiring about your new residency and move-in time. Otherwise, contact us about a week before you intend to move back to campus when you know where you’ll be living and when you plan on returning.

Is there anything you won’t store?

We will not store especially valuable things like jewelry, liquids like laundry detergent, any type of perishable food, explosives, drugs, and vehicles.

Do you provide boxes?

We do! More info here.

Can I store stuff that can’t fit in a box?

Absolutely. We ask that smaller things like office supplies, books, and room decorations be stowed in boxes or plastic containers, but larger things like bicycles and rugs do not need to be stored inside anything. Refer to the prices on our rates page for objects not stored in boxes.

U of R student storage
U of R student storage

Do I have to be around when you come to pick up and drop off my stuff?

No. However, a trusted friend or relative must be there and we will need to know that person’s name and contact information. If you know that you will be unable to pick up your belongings, please contact us ahead of time.

How can I be sure you won’t mix up my stuff?

We send all our customers a detailed inventory list of the items that were signed in on pickup. We also send a picture of what your things look like while in storage. When we deliver your belongings when you return, the inventory list is rechecked.

Can you ship my things if I end up changing schools or decide not to come back?

We can! We ship via FedEx. We’d need you to fill out this form here. We will bring all of your things to the FedEx facility, send you their quote, and then our quote including time and labor. You may estimate what it will cost to ship your things here, although it’s truly accurate for goods in boxes only.

You will receive the tracking number immediately after your things are shipped out. Be aware that we are not legally allowed to ship refrigerators, as the coolant within is considered hazardous.

Does 4.0 Storage offer insurance?

There is no insurance plan offered by our business. We have found out that most homeowner’s insurance policies will automatically cover your possessions away from home at no/for a minimal charge. Please check with your parents’ insurance agent or your own if you carry your own policy.

U of R student storage
U of R student storage

What is the packaging fee?

In order for us to present the most efficient service possible, we ask that you follow our packing instructions. There will be a $20 packaging fee added to your total if we must package your belongings properly.

Can I reschedule my pickup time without penalty?

Yes, you may reschedule your appointment without any charge 24 hours before the allocated pickup/delivery time. There is a $20 fee for changes made within 24 hours of your pickup/delivery.

If I have any more questions, where do I go from here?

You may email us at, or you may contact our office at (585) 210-0596.