We’ve done the research for you!

On average, customers save 45 – 50% compared to the big chain companies while storing with us. Even compared to local storage options, we are still the most affordable by at least 20%.

If you somehow find a better rate than ours, we will price match and beat it by 10%, guaranteed!


4.0 Storage is a “pay per item stored” storage business. All rates are good for an entire summer or semester, not per month. You can download and generate an estimate for your items using our invoice spreadsheet here:

U of R student storage

If you are storing something that is not on the list, we will assess it on pickup day and offer you a price.

If storage is needed for two semesters or for a semester and summer, the subtotal is doubled, as the time stored with us is approximately double.

Our rates are flat unless what you are storing is considerably heavy or large (i.e., would require 2 people to move it safely).

U of R student storage
U of R student storage

Continued Monthly Storage

After the end of the storage term, customers’ lots still in storage that are not meant to stay for the next storage term are charged 1/4th their subtotal for every month they are with us, beginning immediately after the school’s last free delivery day.

Pickups and Deliveries

Each trip we make to your residence is $30, for pickup or delivery. During our summer season, we offer free pickup and delivery days specific to each school, based on when the vast majority of students are moving.

Room Service

For an additional $30 ($50 for furniture), you can opt for us to move all of your packed belongings from your room down to our van. You don’t have to do any work – just make sure it’s all packed for us and ready to go! Just choose our Room Service option when you confirm your appointment online.

Packaging Fee

Follow our packing instructions. Failure to do so will result in a $20 packaging fee in which we will have to properly label/package your things ourselves.

U of R student storage
U of R student storage

Late Fee

Our business relies on our customers to be punctual; we serve dozens of students a day on our busiest days. Customers more than 15 minutes late to their scheduled pickup/delivery time will be charged $25. They may need to be rescheduled and will not be prioritized. Please be on time!

Rescheduling Fee

You may reschedule your appointment without any charge 24 hours before the allocated pickup/delivery time. There is a $20 fee for changes made within 24 hours of your pickup/delivery.

Shipping Fees

Shipping is handled on a case by case basis. We will bring all of your things to the FedEx facility, send you their quote, and then our quote for time and labor.

Payment is done via credit card over the phone after we have discovered the cost to ship your things. Once it is processed, we will email you the tracking number. We are unable to ship refrigerators, as the coolant within is considered hazardous.

Methods of Payment

Payment is expected in full when we come to pick up your belongings. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Credit card payment incurs a 3.5% convenience fee. If paying with cash, please make your trip to the ATM BEFORE we pick up your things.

U of R student storage